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    Posted on 26/09/2012 by admin in Easy SUP News.
    EasySUP-PaddlingTravel to the Onkaparinga River and try one of our stand-up paddle board rentals in Port Noarlunga by booking a SUP hire.  For an incredible deal on a SUP hire in Port Noarlunga, you can experience this fast growing water sport.

    This sweeping trend allows people the chance to take a long, relaxing trip across the water and see the best possible views. With a stand up paddle board hire in Port Noarlunga, you too can experience the simple beauty of nature and a chance to meditate on the water all for a great low rental price.  Become a part of this extremely enjoyable sport today before it becomes something everybody is doing.

    EasySUP-paddleboardsWith a stand up paddle board hire, you can experience a great time on the water.  If you don’t like the boredom of standing on dry land to take in the sights, you should consider standing up and paddling around on a body of water. It’s extremely fun and the scenery on the Onkaparinga River in Port Noarlunga could not be better.

    The beautiful scenery is not the only great thing about paddling while standing up. With a board you can stand on, you have a chance to get in some supplementary exercise while you paddle. It might not feel like anything, but if you’re looking to burn some calories this is a great way to do so.

    Since this is not a “hardcore” sport, you don’t have to constantly focus on adjusting to dangerous conditions. This can free up your mind to ponder the great mysteries of life.  So check out stand up paddle board rentals in Port Noarlunga by visiting Easy Kayaks and hire one of our “Easy SUP” stand up paddle board rentals.

    Then, when you are ready to step up and purchase from our Stand-Up Paddleboard Sales Centre, please come in and talk to us at our shop at 24 Beach Road, Christies Beach, South Australia where we have many SUP sales in Adelaide.

    Some samples of our SUP sales in Christies Beach:



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