• Find Your Ideal SUP Size

    Posted on 24/02/2015 by admin in SUP FYI, SUP Size Calculator.

    Shopping for a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) is not as straightforward as it may seem.  SUPs vary in size, shape, colour, and finish.  Usage is also a variable in selecting a SUP; however, the main criteria in purchasing your own SUP is the volume of the board and how it relates to your body weight and height.  Other factors as mentioned above, are your personal choice and usage – the latter being whether you intend to surf or paddle flat water or a bit of both.

    Volume is the measurement related to SUP sizing and it equates to how many litres a board can comfortably float on water.  Without going into too much technical data about the amount of kilos that one litre can float and how that is calculated into body weight, we have provided a calculator to guide you when you shop for a new stand-up paddleboard. We have researched many publications, web sites, and online videos, and spoken to SUP experts resulting in our own SUP Size Calculator to help you get an understanding of what size SUP is ideal for you.

    As a rough guide, your body weight is doubled and subsequently called litres. That is the volume of SUP you should be aiming to purchase.

    However, there are two other factors that need to be considered.  The first is your height and secondly, your ability on a SUP (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced).  These variables are calculated in our SUP Size Calculator below and hopefully, will guide you to selecting the right volume-sized SUP for you and your abilities.


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